Monday, April 26, 2010

Fatima's New House

Fatima's dad, Benito, has made a great deal of progress on his family's home. Taking over from where Canterbury School left off, he has nearly finished all the walls. His family now has about 4 times more space than before (old house pictured below). He just has to lay a couple layers of adobe bricks and seal the walls. We are happy to see he has put such hard work into improving the living conditions of his children.

Before: Fatima's house earlier this year (left); After: Fatima's house as of April 26 (right)

Fatima's family's new house, nearly completed

In other house-building news, we have begun construction on Transfiguracion's (Gabriel's mom) room that will be attached to Tona's house. 12 volunteers and a contractor worked all day Saturday to lay the foundation. Tomorrow, the first 4 layers of adobe bricks will go up. We hope to be finished within a week or so! Pictures to come.

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